Known worldwide for the quality of its craftsmanship and manufacture, IMV Technologies has for many years been taking up the most noble of challenges in the field of assisted reproduction biotechnologies. Through artificial insemination techniques for animals and the application of our technology we both contribute to and participate in the improvement of species and the preservation of our genetic heritage.

Based in the heart of Normandy, 80% of IMV Technologies' sales are generated internationally and in more than 120 countries. Our development is based on perfecting new technologies which answer the growing needs of our customers' genetic development programs.
Innovators by nature, we constantly develop new know-how for artificial insemination techniques, embryo transfer, bio-repositories and blood banking, all of which have multiple applications for human kind. To that end, our advances in the area of Assisted Reproduction Techniques, aimed at resolving human infertility issues, confirm the technological choices we have made and the commitment of an ever growing list of customers to products of the highest standard quality.
"IMV Technologies represents half a century of history in assisted reproduction. We are proud to assist breeders and inseminators all over the world in their daily efforts, by providing them with technologies that are increasingly innovative and effective. The group’s driving force, IMV Technologies’ pioneering spirit is still intact and is combined with a daily concern about sustainable development, now essential for our future."